MisbahUdDujja University is second to none of the internationally recognized seats

My name is Masooma Hussain. I am studying for the Associate Alima course at Misbah Udujja University.
I did my M.A (Education) from the Punjab University Lahore Pakistan before moving to the U.K with my family.In the U.K, I studied for a diploma course in Graphic Designing and also Qualified in a diploma course in Social Media (Business). Tilawat of Quran Majeed has always been a passion and my daily routine. This leads me to go for a deeper study and knowledge of Quran Majeed and Fiqua. I do believe that only the knowledge of religion can enable us to understand the philosophy of our earthly life. Keeping this in mind, I took admission to Misbah Udujja University. I must say that learning at Misbah-Ud-Dujja University has given me all that I needed for a true and clear insight into our basic faith, reading the Quran properly, Laws of fiqh and Shariah, etc. This university gives education online with a great facility for those also who live away.
I have years of experience as a student at Pakistani and foreign universities as well. I studied both as a regular student and also did courses online. With this background of personal experience, I can confidently say that Misbah-Ud-Dujja University is second to none of the internationally recognized seats of learning, practicing online education.
This university caters to different age groups and gives due consideration to students’ needs and views. How the student can benefit in the best possible manner is the main object of this university. I, in my humble way, wish it all the best and a most successful future as a shining star among the great educational institution of the day.

Masooma Hussain Student

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